Hybrid Courses

South Texas College offers flexible educational opportunities for students.

Description of Hybrid Courses:

“Hybrid” is the name for courses that combine face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. More than 50% of a Hybrid course is scheduled on-campus and the rest is completed online. STC Hybrid courses offer students the best of both worlds, regularly scheduled interaction with faculty, and flexibility of computer-based learning process.

Benefits of a Hybrid Course:

  • Combines the best features of face-to-face instruction with the best features of online education.
  • Regularly scheduled faculty/student interactions.
  • Less seat time: The hybrid courses meets less frequently on campus than traditional classes, providing flexible course offerings for students who have demanding work schedules and/or family responsibilities.
  • Flexibility of completing assignments via computer-based learning platform (Blackboard).
  • Individualized assistance for students who need additional help.

Identification of a Hybrid Course: “Y”

  • Hybrid courses are scheduled with a “Y”. A course section number can identify a hybrid course. For example: BIOL 1408.WY1 would be a hybrid class at the Mid-Valley campus. The Y in the middle indicates that the course is a hybrid course.

Click on the list of Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 hybrid courses below to see over 115 hybrid courses offered by academic divisions.

Hybrid Courses
FALL 2013 Hybrids [ REVISED 8/5/13 ]
SPRING 2014 Hybrids [ REVISED 8/5/13 ]