Dual Enrollment Academies

dual enrollment graduates

Are you a current high school Sophomore student seeking a challenging
program? Apply today to be selected to earn an associate’s degree by
the end of your senior year in one of the following:

Application Checklist

  1. Complete a South Texas College Admissions Application
  2. Complete a Dual Enrollment Academy Program Application
  3. Student Typed Essay- 12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced, describing your:
    • Proposed field of study, Short and Long term educational goals, and future career plans
  4. Student Résumé - List high school awards, honors, participation in school organizations, club activities, and community activities.
  5. 3 Letters of recommendation - 9th or 10th grade teacher of each of the following core areas:
    • English, Math and Science (no other subjects allowed)
  6. Submit the most recent High School Transcript
  7. Submit Passing TSI Assessment Test Scores

Minimum TSI Assessment Scores

Test Minimum Score
Reading 351
Writing Essay Score of 5 OR
Essay Score of 4 & Multiple Choice of 340
Math 350

Enrollment & Graduation Data Internships Achievements

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Summer Internships:

Since 2005, the Dual Enrollment Academies have received $1,239,304.00 in grants to support all of its student support and academic services:

August 2012 Summer Internships:
DECSA and DEEA students visited Cowboys Stadium, the largest pro football stadium. During their visit, students learned about all the engineering, physics and computer science components that took place in building the stadium. Students were provided with TEKS behind-the-scenes curriculum and visit certain areas in the stadium where very few people have visited.

DEMSA students visited Sea World's Marine Biology Program where they took an exclusive walk "backstage" through SeaWorld's zoological support area where they got up-close with animals and learned how Sea World cares for animals both at the park and out in the field as were introduced to TEKS curriculum.

Summer 2008
Thirty-five DEEA students traveled to Orlando Florida to do a behind-the-scenes tour of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. There they got a firsthand look at the science and physics behind some of the most spectacular special effects in motion picture history. During this educational field trip, students went beyond the classroom learning the role engineering plays to bring special effects to life in the movies and at the world's most technologically advanced themk park.

Summer 2007
Thirteen DEMSA students had the opportunity to a one-week internship at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, NY. As part of the educational program, students were paired up with a doctor for an entire week for observation and career awareness. At the end of the program, students spent time preparing their findings where they presented to a group of doctors and students from similar programs.


  • Excelencia in Education Award Finalist 2014
  • Legacy Award Finalist 2014
  • Bellwether Award Finalist 2013
  • Success Student Award Finalist 2013
  • Star Award Winner 2012
  • Since 2008, Academy students have been offered over $14.7 million in scholarships
  • Since 2005, twelve (12) students have been awarded the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship