University Relations, Transfer and Articulation Center

The mission of the University Relations, Transfer and Articulation Center is to support the Comprehensive Mission of the College and the mission of Academic Affairs by providing up-to-date and relevant information to students, staff, faculty and administration regarding the transfer process to other institutions of higher education.


Articulation Agreements are formal agreements (or some would call a partnership) between two or more Colleges and Universities documenting the transfer policies for a specific academic program or degree in general.

Cooperative Agreements are agreements between two institutions that provide students with simultaneous admission to both South Texas College and its partner. These agreements allow students to seamlessly move between the two institutions by providing clear pathways to completion.

Memorandums of Understanding are documents between two parties that sets forth the purpose and scope, conditions and arrangements, timing and future cooperation. For institutions of higher education this usually is less formal and less specific than an articulation agreement.

Educational Alliance Agreements are (usually) agreements that entitle the faculty, staff and alumni of one institution to receive a tuition discount at another institution subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Collaborative Agreements between two institutions allow for the support of academic and cultural exchanges and projects approved by the highest authority of both institutions; effect the exchange of information, experts, instructional materials, equipment and other elements considered necessary to strengthen their respective educational capabilities, as well as interactions in cultural and/or social activities.