Specific benefits of the Honors Program

For most students, the principal benefit of participating in the Honors Program is the deep sense of personal satisfaction that comes from knowing one has accomplished a challenging and rigorous academic program. But aside from this, there are many other direct and indirect benefits that can help students achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals:

  • Honors students have the unique opportunity to work in a one-on-one relationship with faculty members who are dedicated to their success and to designing Honors classes that meet their individual needs.
  • Honors students are nearly five times more likely than other students to qualify for academic and merit-based scholarships. As university budgets become tighter and tighter and scholarship funds more competitive, every advantage that a student can get is helpful. Completing an honors program gives a distinct competitive edge to students seeking scholarships and other types of financial aid.
  • Completing the Honors Program helps students transfer to four-year universities. South Texas College negotiates special transfer agreements linking college honors/scholars' programs to specific universities. Students completing our programs then enjoy enhanced transfer consideration at the partner-campus (e.g., guaranteed or priority acceptance and special scholarship opportunities).
  • Recognition of your academic achievement, which can assist you in future educational or professional undertakings.
  • The Honors Program functions as an intermediary between the community and honors students who are seeking public service opportunities.
  • In general, employers look favorably on potential employees who have completed honors programs. It indicates that they are dedicated, responsible, and better-prepared than most other job candidates.