Texas Pathways Project

South Texas College has been actively supporting student success through the implementation of Guided Pathways. In 2016, South Texas College joined Texas Pathways, led by the Texas Success Center, as part of the first cadre of 12 leader, community colleges. Texas Pathways is a statewide strategy focused on building capacity for community colleges to design and implement structured academic and career pathways, at scale, for all students. It is a multiple year project that supports all 50 Texas community colleges and is closely based on the national Pathways Project led by the American Association of Community Colleges. Texas Pathways is designed to contribute to the goals set forth by the 60x30TX higher education strategic plan.

Guided Pathways Essential Practices

The Pathways model is built on the following essential practices and requires redesigning educational processes with student end goals for further education and careers in mind.

  1. Clarify paths to student end goals.
  2. Help students choose and enter a pathway.
  3. Help students stay on a path.
  4. Ensure that students are learning.

Pathways Project Roadmap

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