Transfer Center

Suggested Transfer Timeline:

First Year

  • Decide on your major based on research and your interest. If you'd like help choosing a major that matches your interests, try  Career Coach.
  • Meet with an academic advisor or a representative at the Transfer Center about your transfer plans.
  • Research Articulation agreements and transfer course equivalencies at the Transfer Opportunities page.
  • If you have already chosen where you would like to transfer, see if they have a transfer guide and use it to make your course selections.
  • Meet with recruiters and ask questions.
  • By the end of your first year, try to narrow your school list.
  • Another resource to look at is University HQ which has some additional information about transfer. 


  • Take classes to get ahead; this also helps to ease the load for the remaining semesters.
  • Retake any classes that don't meet the expectations of your desired transfer institutions.
  • Maintain a good GPA.
  • Create a list of all courses you will take in the upcoming semesters, making sure you meet the minimum credit hours.
  • Connect with transfer admissions counselors at the schools on your list. If you cannot find the information, meet with representatives at the Transfer Center to get assistance.

Second Year

  • Decide what your bachelor’s degree will be and where you will be transferring.
  • Meet with an academic advisor, the Transfer Center, or a transfer admissions counselor at your desired transfer institution to make sure that you are meeting the recommended requirements before transferring.
  • Keep in mind deadlines to transfer and deadlines for financial aid, as they will vary from institution to institution.
  • Complete college applications; many schools use the ApplyTexas application.
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