Women's Studies Committee

Mission Statement

The Women's Studies Program at South Texas College is devoted to the cause of equality for women.

Comprised of faculty, staff, and students, including both women and men, and encompassing ethnicities from around the globe, the Committee works to promote social, educational, political, and economic justice for women.

Through both academic and artistic means, the Committee seeks to empower women and engender community awareness about issues with a significant impact on women, such as domestic violence, human trafficking, war, immigration, health and reproduction, equality in the workplace, and the arts.

The Committee promotes equal partnership between women and men of all ages, races, ethnicities, political or religious affiliations, sexual orientations, and abilities, both locally and internationally.

We believe that only by working together can we secure human rights for all citizens of the world.

Women Studies Group Photo

About the Committee

In 2000, the Women's Studies Committee was founded to promote the success of women at STC and its surrounding communities, and to join our efforts with similar ones around the world. In the intervening years, we have sponsored events to combat ignorance or indifference regarding issues that affect women's lives.

  • We have for several years organized the Clothesline Project, which involves STC students in a campaign to raise awareness about violence against women; students use paint and chalk to write messages of protest and hope.
  • We have co-sponsored a bilingual production of Eve Ensler's acclaimed play, The Vagina Monologues, in an effort to combat sexual violence against women.
  • We frequently work with local organizations such as Mujeres Unidas (Women United) to bring hope and comfort to battered women of the Rio Grande Valley.
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