Master Syllabi, Section Outlines and CVs

The master syllabus is prepared by the Department/Program Chair and is provided to faculty for the purposes of describing individual course requirements/guidance and outlining course-specific information.

The section outline is prepared by the faculty and is provided to students (during the first week of class) for the purposes of outlining course content, goals, requirements and methods of evaluation. The section outline must be developed based on requirements and guidance from the (departmental) master syllabus and must describe course-specific information.

Faculty should refer to the Faculty Handbook for course-specific information that must be included in the Master Syllabi and Section Outline documents.

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is completed by each faculty and provides a summary of their professional background regarding education and documented experience, including teaching, administrative and publications.

Section Outlines and CVs can be found on the Course and Faculty Information website.


Concourse Syllabi Management

Concourse Syllabi Management is a cloud-based application, which utilizes workflow for the centralized management of master syllabi, section outlines and CVs. This application will integrate with our Blackboard and Banner systems to achieve not only consistency among the creation of master syllabi, section outlines and CVs but also the collection and posting in accordance with HB 2504.

Concourse Syllabi Management complies with Texas House Bill 2504 – Public Access to Course Information and Texas Education Code § 51.974, which authorizes the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to adopt these rules, and Section 508(b) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


Video Tutorials

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