Faculty Credential Database

South Texas College has developed a Credential Database listing the courses for which faculty members already have been approved to teach. The Credential Database contains the historical information for the past several years and therefore may not be complete. The Database is regularly updated through an established process published in the Faculty Credentials & Qualifications Manual. Furthermore, the addition of courses to a faculty member’s course inventory does not necessarily indicate the faculty member will be teaching the course. Staffing of courses is a chair and dean responsibility.

Access Faculty Credential Database

Credential Modification Form

The review of credentials for currently employed faculty will occur when a faculty member is assigned a new course (not previously taught) and/or following a faculty credentials review audit. Department Chairs will complete and submit the Credential Database Modification Form for review. Once all approvals are received, the Faculty Credentials Database will be updated by the Office of Curriculum and Student Learning.

Download Faculty Credential Modification Form