Faculty of the Year Award

The Division of Academic Affairs recognizes the extraordinary contributions and quality service of faculty members supporting the mission of the South Texas College. The Faculty of the Year award honors faculty who are committed to student success and teaching effectiveness; provide college service and leadership; are engaged in professional activities; are involved in community service, and who have demonstrated commitment to creating a college going culture. The faculty member is recognized during the Fall Academic Affairs Convocation.

2016 Faculty of the Year

Delia MagdalenoDelia Magdaleno has worked tirelessly to support student success by developing the Study Abroad Program for students and the Professional Development Program to Spain for faculty. Because Ms. Magdaleno believes that travel is an essential part of a students’ education, she has made it possible for students not only to travel in her class through her videos, photographs, and personal experiences, she has created Study Abroad programs for South Texas College students and faculty to travel to Spain for the last four summers. She also developed a Professional Development Program, now in its third year, which allows faculty within the Valley and Texas to travel abroad and bring a more global view into their own classrooms.

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As Coordinator and Leader of the Study Abroad Program to Spain 2013-2016, she has worked closely with the leading faculty and students to make each Summer Study Abroad Program to Spain a success. She led the development of a Study Abroad Process, setting up procedures to follow that make the program possible. This is a process that takes a whole year to develop – recruiting faculty and students, planning and organizing the trip, getting approvals from administration, departments, and the business office, ensuring lodging, insurance, fees, and instruction - making the final two weeks a successful learning experience for all involved. She works closely with faculty and students to prepare them for a life-changing experience before, during, and after every trip. Ms. Magdaleno has even secured scholarships to make Study Abroad possible to students who would otherwise be unable to afford the program.

As Coordinator of the Professional Development Program to Spain 2014-2016, she worked in collaboration with Continuing Education, the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Division, and University Relations to offer 50 CPE hours to High School teachers participating in this program. She works on the itinerary, planning, lodging, travel, fees, approvals, and coordination with the Universidad de Salamanca to make this opportunity possible.

Ms. Magdaleno continues to share a global perspective in and out of her classroom through her travels, photos, videos, and stories. Her dream of making travel a central part of a holistic education has created meaningful experiences for the STC community as faculty, students, and citizens of the world.

2015 Rachael Brown Art
2014 Rene Zuniga Education
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2011 Victor Gomez, Jr. History
2010 Dr. Mehrzad Mahmoudian Geller Biology
2009 Paul Wendland Culinary Arts
2008 Adalia Reyna Developmental Reading
2007 Charles M. Robinson History
2006 Ludivina Avila Chemistry
2005 Mohammad Kazerani Mathematics
2004 Jayaprakash Ramanujam Economics
2003 Dr. Morteza Abbassi Biology
2002 Dr. Michael Bagley - Engineering

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2016 eFaculty of the Year

Darci CatherAs an online educator, Assistant Professor Darci Cather is fully committed to her students’ success not only in her classes, but also in their careers and lives. Assistant Professor Cather has taught English online for over ten years. Throughout the years, she has striven to create meaningful, engaging lessons that will captivate her students’ attention and give them the desire to proceed through the courses. Assistant Professor Cather recognizes that the challenges educators face in a traditional class are often magnified online as they must overcome the very distance created by the medium, and thus, they must learn new technologies and strategies to diminish this distance. In an effort to create a sense of community in an online environment, Assistant Professor Cather maintains constant communication with her students through email, texts, and one-on-one student conferences.

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Furthermore, she takes great care with her course design, providing instructional videos on topics such as how to navigate the course and the library databases. She also utilizes podcasts and Softchalk lessons that she may appeal to a variety of learning styles and better engage her students. Her courses are designed with clear, identifiable objectives so students may know what is expected of them and be able to easily maneuver through the course each week.

Moreover, Assistant Professor Cather continues to advocate for distance learning students, as she serves on the Distance Education Advisory Committee. In her ten years teaching online, Assistant Professor Cather has never given up on the students’ potential or the opportunities provided by the online environment.

2015 Richard Lubben Art
2014 Robert Sean Kennedy History
2013 Tom Matthews Art
2012 Pablo Cortez Dev. Math
2011 Dawn Taylor Speech
2010 Rogelio Escaname Criminal Justice
2009 Max Abbassi Biology
2008 Debra Wyatt Speech
2007 Becky Jones Art
2006 Jessica Schnee English