eFaculty of the Year Award

The Division of Academic Affairs recognizes the extraordinary contributions and quality service of faculty members supporting the mission of the South Texas College. The Faculty of the Year award honors faculty who are committed to student success and teaching effectiveness; provide college service and leadership; are engaged in professional activities; are involved in community service, and who have demonstrated commitment to creating a college going culture. The faculty member is recognized during the Fall Academic Affairs Convocation.

2018 eFaculty of the Year

Hanan AmroDR. Hanan Amro has been teaching in higher education for over 21 years. Student achievement in face-to-face and online courses has been a keen interest of hers since her early instructional days. This has led her to research and publish several papers on education, including “Faculty Perceptions of Student Performance in the Online Classroom” and “The Effects of Motivation, Technology and Satisfaction on Student Achievement in Face-to-Face and Online College Algebra Classes.”

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Dr. Amro serves as a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer for undergraduate and graduate online courses taught not only in English but also in Arabic. Additionally, Dr. Amro has been a pioneer in certifying six courses through Quality Matters official reviews for the Mathematics Department at South Texas College as well as developing Open Educational Resources online courses for the Bachelor Programs in Organizational Leadership and Technology Management at South Texas College.

In her online courses, Dr. Amro has created some creative discussion prompts that require review and collaboration between students. She has also implemented group activities where students are required to present to one another via video capturing software. Through these presentations, students are able to practice, prepare, and build their public communication skills, as most students aspire to become mathematics teachers.

For Dr. Amro teaching is a joy and an art that she treasures, and she considers it a blessing that she has the opportunity to pursue her dream. Dr. Amro strongly believes that implementing different learning styles will enhance learning for both online and traditional students. Dr. Amro stands by her mission to create an academic environment with an ambitious set of goals, one of which is to support the economic growth of the community.

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