Curriculum & Scheduling

The Curriculum and Student Learning Department ensures that all recommended curriculum revisions are compliant with State guidelines and are approved by the required curriculum committees. After approval of proposed revisions, the Curriculum and Student Learning staff submit all necessary documentation for approval, update the necessary information in the South Texas College Catalog, update course prerequisites in the registration system, and update all degree requirements in the Degree Works student advising system. The Curriculum and Student Learning Staff also ensure the accuracy of all course-related data for State reporting.

South Texas College offers more than 6,300 individual credit course sections to meet the many unique needs of our students. The Curriculum and Student Learning Department coordinates the course scheduling process from initial schedule development through registration for each semester. The department establishes the schedule development and revision deadlines each semester and enters the course schedules submitted by the instructional programs. The department ensures compliance with uniform class times to ensure efficient utilization of facilities and is responsible for the accuracy of all scheduling data.

Curriculum Scheduling College-Wide Curriculum Committee

CWCC Membership List
Division Committee Membership List

2018-2019 College Wide Curriculum Committee Meetings

Meeting Date Agenda Due Date Minutes
Tues: September 18, 2018 Thurs: September 13, 2018 Minutes
Tues: October 16, 2018 Thurs: October 11, 2018 Minutes
Tues: November 20, 2018 Thurs: November 15, 2018 Minutes
Thurs: December 6, 2018 Mon: December 3, 2018 Minutes
Tues: March 19, 2019 NA Minutes
Tues: April 16, 2019 NA Minutes

2019-2020 College Wide Curriculum Committee Meetings

Meeting Date Agenda Due Date Minutes
Tues: September 17, 2019 Thurs: September 12, 2019 Minutes
Thurs: October 24, 2019 Fri: October 18, 2019 Minutes
Tues: November 19, 2019 Thurs: November 14, 2019 Minutes




How do I submit revisions for my curriculum?

A Revision Request Form must be submitted to the Curriculum and Student Learning Department by November 15th for implementation for the following fall semester and for inclusion in the next catalog. The advisory committee minutes (if applicable) and division committee minutes approving the revisions must be included.

I would like to develop a new field of study or certificate/AAS. What is the process?

The first step is to contact the Office of Curriculum & Scheduling and speak with the Curriculum & Student Learning Manager who will provide you with guidance on the process.


Who do I contact to reserve a classroom or computer lab?

Pecan Campus: Christy Cantu, Scheduling Technician, 872-2221 or Sonia Cuellar, Scheduling Technician, 872-8318
Mid Valley Campus: Krystal Guerra, Secretary, 447-1227 
Technology Campus: Linda Alvarado, Administrative Assistant, 872-6102
Starr Campus: Raquel Lucatero, Secretary, 488-5856 
NAH Campus: Julieta Garcia, Lab Assistant, 872-3184 (computer labs)
Perla Andrade, Nursing Program Specialist, 872-3006 (classrooms and conference rooms)

Who do I contact if I need to reserve the Pecan Campus Auditorium, Cafeteria, Student Lounge, Cooper Center Conference Rooms or Theatre?

Jeanette Rios, Administrative Assistant, Facilities, 872-2556

Do Schedule Change Request forms require Dean's signature?

No, only the Department and/or Assistant Chair signature is required.

Where do I get the schedule change request form?

The form is located on the department website under the "Scheduling" tab.

Can I reduce the class maximum of a course?

The class maximum is determined by the size of the classroom capacity. Any exceptions require Academic Council approval. The Division Dean must submit a request via memo to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Once approved by Academic Council the course will be added to the official Scheduling Guidelines with the approved lower capacity.

Course and Instructor Information

What is House Bill 2504?

In 2009, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) adopted a new criteria concerning Public Access to Course Information required by House Bill 2504, 81st Texas Legislature. Each institution of higher education, other than a medical and dental unit, is to make available to the public on the institutions Internet website certain course information. This information must be:

  • Accessible from the homepage of the institutions internet website within three links.
  • Accessible to the public without requiring registration or password.
  • Searchable by keywords or phrase.
  • Available no later than the seventh day after the first day of classes for the semester or other academic term during which the course is offered.
  • Updated as soon as practical after the information changes - at least once for every semester the course is offered.

What documents are required?

  • Section outlines for every section being offered.
  • Curriculum vitae for all faculty teaching within the semester.

How do I update my information?

To submit your updated CV, please use the request form on the course application page:

To update your section syllabi, please send the file (DOC, DOCX, PDF) to:

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once the information has been updated.

What if I have additional questions?

Please e-mail if you have any questions.

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