Starfish Training Materials

South Texas College has implemented the Starfish Early Alert system to assist in communication between faculty and students. In an effort to optimize Starfish as an Early Alert System, faculty are reminded that they must set up their Starfish profiles. In addition, faculty are asked that they either set-up or update their office hours so that students can make an appointment to visit with the faculty when a flag is raised.

Starfish is a tool that should increase engagement between students, faculty, and support services. In an effort to assist with communication between faculty and students, during the 2017 semester all faculty were asked to participate in a Starfish Assignment. The Starfish Early Alert System also provides interventions and raises awareness about available tools and resources to help students succeed.

Below are some links to Starfish Tutorials, which were designed to help guide faculty who would like to know how to set up faculty and student profiles, how to clear a flag once a student has completed their assignment, how to set up or update office hours, and/or how to clear flags from a previous semester.